Importing cluster - cluster name changed to "cluster"


In Rhino 5 when I import cluster by dragging cluster file to Grasshoper, the cluster name is changed to “Cluster”.

Is there some possibility that the cluster name stays as it was when I saved it?


Create a "User Object"
go to file > create user object

You can specify a location and name and description then use it as you would a normal component

tnx Andy


This does not have direct connection to subject but it is related to Andy solution.

Problem now is, if I made change to cluster, User object does not update automatically. I have to manually Update each time I use it. Or after update, delete user object and create new “same” user object. Is there better workflow/solution.

There is always a problem with the use of clusters externalized in ghcluster: We lose not only the names of the clusters but also the names of the input and output variables. It is unfortunate because it discourages using them when it could be a great tool. The ghusers do not have this problem but do not offer the same possibility of propagation of the modifications.
Are there any plans to correct these issues?

I’m developing scripts for industrial applications and need to be able to push out updates to my design team in a more stream line fashion. I’m running into this problem constantly. @wim and others are at mcneel, is there any planned correction for this?

Just to give you an idea of what’s coming in the future… We’re working on a package manager for Rhino 7 WIP. Our public package server already supports user-objects. Private servers are on the roadmap and I’ll look into how the package manager can be used to distribute .ghcluster files (logged as RH-57482). If you have any thoughts or questions, please @-mention me in #serengeti:yak.