Wish: Please fix Grasshopper cluster naming bugs

There are two major issues with Grasshopper clusters that annoy me a lot.

  1. The first is that the custom names set for cluster inputs and outputs change back to the default nested cluster component input/ output names whenever I insert a cluster in the document. This default name is the name of the input or output of the component to which the cluster input/ output is attached. The Pancake plugin has a feature to refresh cluster names, but why isn’t the name refreshed by default and why do I need a plugin for this?

  2. The second issue is that when I actually rename the cluster inputs and output names, the text is cut-off in the description box:
    Could be a high-DPI screen issue on Windows 10.

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I would totally support this! Clusters would be really nice, if those nasty bugs were finally gone!!!

…and I would like to add a third naming bug:

Clusters loose their name and nickname when exported and re-imported!

  • I have a cluster in GH, give it a name and a nickname in the properties panel
  • I export the cluster to a .ghcluster-file
  • I import the cluster (by dragging the file into GH or using “insert cluster into file” from the menu)
  • The imported cluster is named “Cluster” again!

Version GH 1.0.0008

Cluster_NamingBug.gh (13.7 KB)
ExtrudeSrf.ghcluster (5.5 KB)