OT-Retrieving 2nd page from PDF as vector information

For a project I need to import the second page from a vector PDF. However Rhino doesn’t offer the option to select a second page from a PDF.
In another post I read that this is on the wish list.
In my Adobe Photoshop Elements I was not successful to save the second page as a single vector PDF.
Can anyone help me with this?
I cannot post the PDF on the forum.

I have Adobe Acrobat here, I can do that, you can send it to me Gerard…

Thanks Mitch!
Just send you an e-mail.

Hi Gerard- dunno if this is any good:


Thanks Pascal!

Very useful for future needs.

Hi Pascal,

Might be good to add this as a feature to the pile…
I often run into that issue and splitting the pdf /importing one or multiple pages always feels like something Rhino should be able to do.


+1 from me

Absolutely +1 from me too.
PDF is an important format to support.

Yeah, I think there is some churn happening on the pdf front, I am not sure what is in store- the developer is away at the moment but I’ll add this to the heap- you never know.

OK, I see it is there, as an open item

I added a comment.
(These bug track items are not visible to the public yet.)


RH-10146 is fixed in the latest WIP

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“3 years later”

That was fast.

Sorry, had to take it.


Thanks Brian for updating that in this thread.

When we need this feature, it is very useful that Rhino can do this from now on.