Imported SKP missing a few materials after saving and reopening

Hello,everyone.I’m not sure whether should I open another topic or not,but I confront a similar issue these days so I’m here seeking some help.If I have to open another thread plz let me know.

So here’s the problem I encountered:
I inserted some .Skp downloaded from 3Dwarehouse into the RH file which I’m working on.In the insert checkbox I have the"Embed textures in the model" ticked,the materials showed correctly.

But after I save my file(have the save textures option ticked),and reopen the file,it seems some material “randomly” missing,and I can’t find the logic behind them.Sometimes X material is missing,I reassign it and save the file,the next time I open it the Y material is missing.

I’m sure I have Rhino up-to-date after this thread was created so I’m a little confused whether there’s some steps I missed etc.hope I’ll find the answer from here,thanks everyone!!

Hi - can you post that .skp file with step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce what you are seeing?

Hi,thx for replying!

Well,I inserted more than one file into my main model,so I guessed it’s hard to upload all of them here,but I’ll try my best to explain it.

I have a folder which contains all of .skp files I downloaded from 3dwarehouse.Everytime I insert a .skp file with textures,RH’ll create a material folder automatically.And these material folders are at the same path with .skp files.

The next step ss you can see there are at least 10 .skp files been inserted in this scene

.All of these furnitures had their materials assigned correctly before I saved the file.

I don’t move any of these .skp files and the material folders which created by RH after I insert the .skp files,but sometimes I reopen the file,several materials are gone even if I didn’t do anything to this file ,like this.

I noticed that the missing materials had empty filename which shouldn’t happend cuz I didn’t do anything to either .skp file or the materials folders.

,And I also found that there are 2 different paths where RH store materials,one is the .skp files folder which I created,and sometimes in RH’s texture cache folder.

Hope these would helped.

I think I probably found out what cause the problem,maybe.
These missing materials seem have a common point which is I change the texture setting under the material label,and in my case most of the adjustments are focus on color.

These changed materials will be saved in a temporary cache folder for a period of time,but I don’t know how long it’ll be keep.Does it means that I have to save a new material after each adjustment?Or there’s some easier way to transfer these cache materials into saved materials?

Hello everyone,I have a question here!Do we have any methods or commands to embed every material (including adjustments on each texture) into model without temporarily keep them in cache folder?I know it’ll probably increasing the file size,but this might be a relatively easy way to save adjustments for inserted objects(especially those transffered between different softwares).

Hello - thanks for the details, I’ll take a look.


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