Import topography from Leapfrog to Rhino to Revit

Hi everyone,
I export the soil data from Leapfrog software, it create a mesh in Rhino. But when I import them to Revit, it take an error Same point with X, Y. I realized this is error because when I export a soil layer, it look like a “box”, not a surface. How I can take a surface only?

HI Ngoc Tuan Ho,

What is the original Soil data format? Can you post that and the Mesh? Thanks.

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The soil data format is mesh. But I need only the top surface to import to revit.
You can find the sample file here.
Layer5C.3dm (9.2 MB)

The mesh needs some work. Here I ran the Check command on the mesh to see what might cause it to return as invalid.

Be aware that Revit does not like extremely short edges.

The ideal input here for Revit would be the points of just the top surface, with no duplicates.

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one possibility to clean these up quicker would be to use ShrinkWrap in Rhino 8.

Then a QuadRemesh to ensure edge lengths conform to Revit Tolerances.

The couple intersecting faces are probably around here.

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The other (ideal) option is to use points.

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Thanks for your enthusiastic help, I could make it. Have a nice day! :smiley: