Import Shapefile Crash

Hello everyone,

Having an unusual issue here that has just begun over the last few days.

I usually bring in GIS shapefiles using the File Path, Shapefile Importer and then connect it up with Curve and Boundary Surface components to create footprints on the canvas. Recently, Rhino keeps crashing as soon as I import any size shapefile into Shapefile import component and I have no idea how to remedy this.

Any help would be much appreciated

I’m experiencing the same issue, thought it was my computer but it may be a bug…

I produce the same issue. Does anyone have a solution for this? Perhaps another component that imports shapefiles?


So I updated my graphics card and it worked. just type “notifications” into the command bar in Rhino and see if there are any updates.

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works for me, thank you!

Updating the graphics drivers doesn’t solve this for me. Anyone else with this kind of issue?