Importing .ai crashes rhino

Ramadan (1.9 MB)

This file crashes Rhino when I try to import it as .ai, .pdf, or .dwg

anybody have any idea why it’s failing?

if you can import it, would you be kind enough to send it back to me in a 3dm. On a deadline and nothing I do to fix it works.

Hi Max - My guess is that it is having trouble creating all the hatches - it does open, eventually, here - I’ll send you a 3dm in a moment. Do you get to the stage where the import dialog comes up? If so, set ‘boundary curves’ rather than ‘hatches’ - the solid hatches need to genertate meshes and on this convoluted object, that may be hard.
Ramadan Pattern2Curves.3dm (4.5 MB)


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