Import of color bitmap into Rhino?

In my work use several packages including AutoCad. I’m considering purchasing Rhino, but I would like to know if it can do some of the tasks that I do in other packages.

Here is an example. I often have to generate a print of a google earth image in a layout. (In AC I have a template with different paper sizes in layout tabs.) I import the Google Earth .jpg iimage into model space, resize to make the google scale on the image accurate, then adjust the view in my 11x17 layout page viewport to a viable AC scale. For my purposes this is accurate enough for the print, and is pretty quick.

I’ve seen videos of jpg imports into Rhino, but the purpose is always to draw over it. They also are B&W. I don’t know, can Rhino display color .jpgs? e.g. In layouts can it show a color logo image?

The PictureFrame command can be used to import color bitmap images. These can be placed in details as well.

Thanks. Than solved my question. I expect to have more as I research this program.