Bitmap image files

There is popular 3D modeling program associated mainly with architectural work, whose name I won’t specifically mention here, but which begins with Sketchup, that has a basic but wonderfully simple texturing module.

A model built and textured there can be imported into rhino; oftentimes the simple textures applied there, (which import fine into rhino), are sufficient to show the intent and basic coloring of the materials, when all is needed is a simple representation.

However, the editing of these (and indeed rhino’s default image maps) within rhino is far from straight-forward:

The rhino editor has no interactive method of editing the colour of the bitmap, except for a number of edit boxes under “Color Adjustment” , which are all number based.
Why can’t the existing rhino color picker / adjustment module be hooked up here to allow a wysiwyg workflow?

It does have a icon which “opens image in associated editor”.
Great – but in my case it opens the default windows 10 paint thing, which is not good.
There is no clue in the rhino documentation as how to set the “associated editor” – I would guess that is whatever windows thinks is the default for the .jpg extension; but I have this set to Affinity, and rhino still opens window paint, so something is not right here…

The default icon things that look like gearshift knobs from a 1950’s British sports car for the various textures are cute but useless.
I see there is an option for “plane”, but these are small rendered views of the texture on a plane, within a dark background, and which can be rotated, but not zoomed into, so they always are surrounded by their background, and always far too small.
This is just ridiculous – there is no need for this complexity – a simple flat image of the bitmap is all that’s needed – they are only reference files, we’ll get to see them properly in context in the model, which is where the decisions on their use / color tint etc will be made.

Not to be overly grumpy, but its been like this for years. Its antiquated, poorly presented and well overdue for a makeover.


Rhino knows about no image editor, it calls just open on the image file and Windows handles the rest. See Bitmap editor from within Rhino, and more specifically Bitmap editor from within Rhino - #9 by jesterking. But then again, you already know about the thread Bitmap editor from within Rhino - #15 by rabbit

Anyway, I logged RH-65337 Make image editor to use configurable in Rhino.