My list of feature requests for Rhino 6

Dear McNeel Developers,

I want to suggest lot’s of UI features for Rhino 6

  1. let able to export/import “3D Connexion Setting”
  2. let able to export/import “General Setting”
  3. let able to export/import “Keyboard Setting”

in our office, we try to have a same Aliases-, Keyboard, 3D-mouse- and Command Lists Settings, to make sure, that everyone can change the place without problem and make easy to exchange their working procedure.

However now I can export/import only aliases setting and the others should I upate manually! It taks too much time!

  1. please make READ-ONLY FORMAT or PASSWORD PROTECTION for Editing.
    We as an architect, send a 3D-File to constructor or 3rd-Party Team. However sometimes with or without purpose they change the 3DM, that we sent them, and construct as they are changed. It is a very critical problem. We use also 3D PDF as Read Only Data but It is difficult to use. for example, to measure the distance etc.

  2. please enable Side Tabs to be extended up to title bar.
    Now the Layout of UIs are;

Title Bar
Command Windows
Command Line
Horizontal Tabs Bar (Standard, CPlanes, Set View, …)

They occupy the full horizontal spaces.

But actually the right side spaces of Command Windows / Command Line / Tabs (Standard, CPlanes, Set View, …) are not really useful. Those spaces are almost empty. I want to pull up Vertical Tabs (Properties, Layers, Display, … ) till to Title Bar. So I can see more information like more layers at one glance.

Please consider this UI matter.

  1. Well I know, Rhino is not really a program for work sharing. but we need to keep track the history of changes. who did what, how and why. For this tracking we are using Note Function but however it is too weak for tracking. Could you enhance somehow the function of note? that we can track and do versioning better?

I will update in this post further, when I find out more wishes later.


You can move the command line and toolbars to other places if you want. Mouse over the double bar of the command-line


Drag the command-line around as you see fit. It appears the command-line doesn’t dock on the sides, though. Here an example of how you could have the docked panels extend up to the menu:

edit: You could also just pull out the different areas, and let them float around the main Rhino Window. Then you can even put those floating windows on separate monitors, if you have those:


Try the commands _OptionsExport and _OptionsImport.

Looks like Nathan answered some of the other questions.


Sounds like you need to choose constructors (contractors?) who are more willing to cooperate and discuss proposed changes with their architect. Contractors who “know it all” and “know better than the stupid architect” are a global problem.

For what it is worth, in a wide screen, I put viewport tabs on the right, and dock my OSnaps and Filters on either side of the command line - fewer wasted horizontal pixels


Thank you Nathan,

I use sometimes as your last screenshot. but in that case the windows are not snapped/docked.
When I move my Rhino to 2.Monitor, no floating windows will follow. That is the problem :frowning:

Thank you Mitch,

OptionsExport will export whole Rhino Options.
I want to export/import only those, that I want.
It is already possible by Aliases. I believe McNeel can also able this feature for other settings.


Well, as I wrote, A Modifying doesn’t always happen on purpose.
Sometimes contractors just want to check the dimension or to see the hidden parts.
During those tasks the model can be changed without bad purpose.

H i Yong_Sung_Kwon - OptionsImport lets you choose which options to import.

Hello Pascal,

thank you I tried OptionsImport but there is no importable setting for ‘Keyboard’ and ‘3dconnexion’

I found that I can choose ‘General’ but not the other two settings.

Hi Yong_Sung_Kwon -

Looks like Keyboard is there, but called ‘Shortcut keys’ for some reason…


Wow, thanks a lot! It is really helpful info.
Maybe you would add export/import feature only 3d connexion setting more by Rhino 6.

Thank you. it helps me already a lot!

@dale - do we have any way to get the 3dconnexion settings out to the exported options ini file?


@pascal, not that I know of. You might make a YouTrack item for me to investigate this.