Import from OpenSCAD to Rhinoceros and operate its variables on Grasshopper

Hi there,

I’m trying to make some models on OpenSCAD using some variables(Val O).
I have already made another model on Grasshopper and in the model, I have been using some variables with sliders(Val G).
Then, I want to import models from OpenSCAD to Rhinoceros, and operate Val O with Val G on Grasshopper.
I searched the way, but I couldn’t find.
What should I do?



Without knowing too much about the OpenSCAD file format, I have some doubts about the feasibility of what you want to do. Can you tell us something about the file format, how it stores relationship between elements? Do any other programs import OpenSCAD files in such a way that allow manipulation of the imported model via parameters?

Dear fraguada,

First of all, OpenSCAD can export as STF, OFF, AMF, DXF, SVG, CSG, and PNG.
DXF file seems to be the most suitable file format to import the model from OpenSCAD(Import from OpenSCAD), but some error occured in my situation.
Currently, I mainly try to construct models on OpenSCAD, so I did not import OpenSCAD files to any other programs in such a way.
And actually, I just want to know the relationship between OpenSCAD and Rhinoceros/Grasshopper because I cannnot find the way to store relationship between elements if I do not know the relationship between OpenSCAD and Rhinoceros/Grasshopper.

If I cannot do anything, I must reconstruct the models on Rhinoceros/Grasshopper.
However, I want to avoid it.
Please lend me your strength.

I’m not familiar with the csg file format, but the rest are geometry formats, meaning, they don’t store anything but the geometry.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about OpenSCAD to understand if any interoperability beyond geometry is possible.

So, by learning OpenSCAD more and using some easy models, I will try to connect OpenSCAD with Rhinoceros.
If I cannot do that, I consider to reconstruct the models on Rhinoceros/Grasshopper.
Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it.

Did you have any luck with this? Seems like a very cool idea.