DWG/DGN import

Good morning,
is there a way to implement a function to manage external CAD formats? We would like to automate some modelling process starting from 2D layouts produced in AutoCAD or MicroStation.

Make use of the Import command.

There’s a RhinoDoc.Import api in WIP’s RhinoCommon but it doesn’t seem to work formats that require command-line input.

Thanks! I will have a look into that and if we can make it work. Eventually is this something that can be incorporated in Rhino Compute? It will make easier to process things in the background and attach this process to some kind of rest api.

I’m not very familiar with rhino.compute. But I believe yes, since the backend is a full Rhinoceros/Grasshopper session.

Edit: It seems you can only call REST-exposed APIs. I don’t know whether RhinoDoc.Import is included. But you can run Grasshopper script with rhino.compute, which could definitely do anything you want.

You will be able to do this in our next WIP release.

For compute, this will require some additions to the code.

Thanks Steve, I will wait for the new release to check that out.

But this functionality will not be available in the Rhino3dmIO, is that correct? What I am trying to achieve is a tool that can be deployed withouth having Rhino installe on the machine. The only option that I have got is to use Forge Design Automation at the moment.

afaik Rhino3dmIo will only include support for 3dm files…