Import DWG from ACAD --> some stuff is missing

I would like to import a DWG drawing done by an civil engineer. The problem is while importing Rhino is skipping some important elements, in this case height point information. When I open this in a DWG viewer I can see it:

I am talking about the light green elements:

this is the import dialogue:

unfortunately this DWG viewer does not let me export anything… of course it is Autodesk…
can somebody suggest an nice alternative for opening DWG wich is more capable than Rhino ? I would be OK to pay a reasonable amout (<150€).



Hi @walther,
It is probably not part of a “default” .dwg format.
Maybe to create that elevation, you need Civil AutoCAD, Architecture or similar.
Can you attach a .dwg with one of those elevations only?

If it could be read from the file, it might be able to be translated as a multiline leader…

here is the file:
K256-ENG (1).dwg (2.8 MB)

I’ve just opened it in Autocad 2019: Elevation labels are converted to blocks, and some are even missing:

It is probably an element of AutoCAD civil.
Sorry for not being much of a help.

thank you guys for your help!

It’s a Proxy Entity which means it’s created by non-vanilla CAD modules, or plugins, therefore cannot be read by Rhinoceros.