Import custom materials into Brazil from Flamingo

We currently use Flamingo nXt to render jewellery pieces. We are wondering if we were to upgrade to Brazil is it possible to import our 300-400 custom materials from Flamingo nXt? Most of these are enamels & Swarovski cz colours.
Thanks, Randy

Hi Randy,

The nXt material definition won’t convert to the Brazil one automatically. In a simple case you’d have an image texture in the color channel of the nXt mat, this will still be visible when rendered in Brazil but that’s about it. The nXt material becomes a basic Rhino Render ‘rmtl’ file and is visible in object properties not the actual material editor. In the case of a transparent nXt material, the IOR is not brought over nor is the level of transparency. So a crystal in nXt will translate as a solid opaque material (basic rmtl) of the same color.

Even if the IOR and other advanced effects of transparent materials like specular dispersion were to be translated, the results you get would in all likelihood be very different in Brazil. The lighting, environment and settings will all play a big part in making a material look a certain way. Brazil has a very robust glass material template but you’d need to make new versions of the crystal materials and experiment with scene set ups to get things right. The good news is that Neon works very well with Brazil (even with the eval).

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thanks Brian,

We will stick with Flamingo for now and decide if it will be worth the effort down the road. Your explanation made some things clear to us.