Import and work with .e57 file containing 18 millions of points with Rhino6

Are there a recommended setup in Rhino 6 for working with more than 18 millions of scanned points?
Has any of you experience working with millions of scanned points?

My computer config is:

Intel i9 5 GHz,
64 GB DDR4 Ram,
C: Drive 500 GB Samsung
SSD, D: Drive 1 TByte Seegate,
Nvidia Quattro P4000.

I was able open the file, ( it took 20 minutes).
After readig it, any action with the mouth took minutes.

Thanks in advance!

Frank, i like to use cloud compare to partition, resample .e57 before bringing into rhino, vs bringing in one big cloud.

I own an Artec Eva and Leo and in most situations, reducing the mesh density in the Artec Studio is really really important. Otherwise any further action takes ages

Many thanks Rickson!

Thank you for the suggestion, I will lokt hem up!