Help with laz file type

Hi, My boss is researching LIDAR scanners and before purchasing one, he downloaded a laz file to see if the scanner is able to meet the requirements that we need. I imported the laz file into Cloud Compare and exported it as an e57 file. When I import the e57 file to Rhino the file crashes. I tried exporting the laz file as a pts file from Cloud Compare and I get the same result when I try to import it to Rhino. I saw online that I can use Arena 4D to import the laz file to Rhino. Arena 4D was also unable to import the file. I could use a little help getting the file into Rhino because it looked great in Cloud Compare.

Hi Noob - is the file massive? Any chance we can get one of these? (the smaller the better as long as it shows the problem)


The laz file is 808mb, the e57 is 1.5gb, the pts is 11.5gb.

Hi Noob - I guess I’d try a very much smaller file and see how that goes. How much RAM is there on the machine?


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My computer has 32gb installed. I’ll have to try the other files that are available and hopefully those work.