E57 file issues with Rhino 7 SR11

opening e57 file works fine

  1. the whole surface doesn’t display. only when scaled or other command will it display whole 4 gig e57 file
  2. when i save file, it grows to 9 gigs. ok fine. However when i try to open the 3dm file which is a e57 file saved as 3dm, it says it has a ‘unreadable geometry object’ and i allow it to continue but once file opened, NO remnants of the e57 file?

any others have this issue? how best to save/convert an e57 file opened with Rhino 7 so can be reopened??

Thank you for any ideas

Hi @mchenry,

Any chance we can see the e57 file? Feel free to send me a pm if needed.

– Dale


thanks for the tip: I opened in CloudCompare, reduced the cloud a wee bit (which removed the OpenGl errors) and all works fine now.
Thank you!