Component to read specific Excel cells

Hi all!

First time posting here and also a beginner with python. I am trying to write a couple of different components to automate some simple tasks:

Component 1. Load an Excel file from my computer, and all of its worksheets into Grasshopper

Component 2: Receive the loaded excel file from component 1, go to a specific worksheet (let’s say Worksheet 5) and retrieve the data located in cell D10. This component outputs the data of cell D10.

I know it seems simple, but as I said, I just began looking into GHPython. I searched Google and most information is suggesting to use Pandas or other Python IDE. I am trying to do all this within Grasshopper using GHPython, if possible.

Looking for recommendations on where to look to learn how to do this?


With IronPython its near impossible because most of the free librarys use cpython so hops or the new codeeditor in rhino 8 wip is a option.
Look for xls or xlsx reader and writer.
Or use c# npoi.
And why do you think its seems simple before you have done it?