Import 3dm question

I don’t understand how to use this component.

The Import 3dm component has an option to Synchronize but the referenced file can only be opened as read-only.

I often have to edit a referenced file therefore this option to synchronize would be nice but I can’t get it to work. What am I missing?

This probably means that it’s a one-way synchronization, meaning when you change something in the referenced files, the changes will be reflected in your Grasshopper instance that imports the 3DM.

I’d expect I could have both files open and do some changes on the source file and when I have Synchronization activated it updates the file where it is referenced.

  1. I opened a file with a cube cube_100x100x100.3dm (35.1 KB)
    I want to have this cube somewhere in another file.

  2. I open a fresh Rhino file and this Grasshopper file to reference the cube file. (11.6 KB)

  3. I’m moving the cube in the Rhino file and hit save to update the reference and it moves.

  4. Trying to move it again and hit save and Rhino wants me to Save As…

Can anyone at McNeel please explain how Synchronization is supposed to work with this new Import3dm component please?

Anyone there ???

Wild guess: first open the 3dm so you can edit it, then open the Grasshopper definition.

Thanks Nathan, as I wrote above, I was able to move geometry inside a source / master file, save and update the new file once but the second update didn’t work.

I’m expecting I can edit the 3dm source file, leave it open and go to my new Rhino file and refresh GH so it updates. That works once but not repeatedly.

This indeed works in a confusing way. Opening the file with the Import 3D component effectively steals the lock from the original Rhino instance.

Until this is resolved maybe you can just disable the file locking


Beware though that then you could overwrite data from other Rhino instances unintendedly.

I have logged a bug for this: RH-63580 Import 3DM Grasshopper component steals lock


Thanks for the bug log

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