Make explicit the .3dm rhino file to .gh grasshopper file linkage

Hi all.
Besides the obvious workaround of making a panel, scribble or some kind of note… is there a way to explicitly state the relation/dependency between a grasshopper file and a rhino geometry file?
I work with a lot of alternative geometries in different files, and continuously create versions of the gh definitions… at the end my mess becomes hard to manage. I open the last gh file and if I haven’t opened the right rhino beforehand, finding it is quite tedious…

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think so. Just name both the Rhino and GH files exactly the same, no way to loose them like that.

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Use several definitions on the same geometry and viceversa. With this method I´d have hundreds of “unnecessary” files. I know memory is cheap, but order and traceability are precious!

Hi @arquitextonica, An alternate approach that I use is to right click any component where you reference Rhino geometry from a 3dm file and “Internalize Data”. Then you can save and open just the GH file. If you end up needing to change the referenced geometry manually in Rhino, bake it out and then re-reference that.

Oh, and this works too with the Import3dm (Read3dm in the v7 WIP) component from Params Input…

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I´m familiar with internalizing but not really a solution.
The import 3dm could be though!!

I agree, I had never thought of doing that until your question but it seems promising.

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I´m afraid the caveat is that the component imports the whole file into GH…

Is there a downside to that? It is going to be the same amount of memory as if the 3dm were loaded into Rhino.

Didn´t know that. I “felt” it took some time to load and “thought” loading once the 3dm file and then importing all the geometry into memory was doubling the effort. Thanks for pointing my error!