Import 3DM component - problems

  1. Could the Import 3DM component please be improved so it imports geometry with the attributes of the objects?

  1. Another things that really annoys me is that the Import 3DM component only imports geometry which is visible in the reference file. That means the Layer must be on and the object must be visible in the viewport. Much like certain Elefront components, the Import 3DM component could have an option to read only visible objects. I often have to edit geoemetry in the reference file and I don’t always want to switch layers on and off.


  1. Only when the Import 3DM component is disabled, the reference file can be saved. I realised I can disable the component and the reference file can be saved. This is a workaround and I think the reference file should always be able to be saved. The Import 3DM component should have an option to update automatically or with a click, again much like in certain Elefront components.

Hi Martin -

Some attributes are imported:

Could you specify which attributes you’d need? Perhaps the Object Details component could be updated relatively easily. Pretty much none of the native Grasshopper components deal with attributes and I somewhat expect that to be different in Grasshopper 2.

This one has been fixed - RH-65776. You’ll need to be running 7.13.

I see that when you turn off synchronization on that component, you can initially save the file but when that is synchronized and then synchronization is turned off again, the referenced file is locked. I think that at least that should be fixed. I’m not sure if it’s possible to make this work without having to turn off synchronization. I’ve thrown it on the pile as RH-66146

Thanks @wim

  1. I tried to get the attributes with the Elefront Get Rhino Attributes component.
    It works fine with the native Object Details component.

  2. I’ll have to download the new release then :slight_smile:

  3. Thanks again