Image sampler

Dear my friends
I want to know how can i convert the pictures to this?

for instance please tell me how can i convert this picture to the pattern?
Is there any plugin? Or should we do this with grasshopper? Or should we do this with another graphic software ?
Let me to know? (2.1 MB)
The circle block alone is way faster, the rest is just for a simple black mesh instead of circles (fastest way to have bake-able filled circles).

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Thank you very much for your reply.
Your algorithm is so flexible, but I am trying to create a shorter algorithm because it takes too many times.

  1. Instead of box or circles I want to use flexible stars with custom number of sides.
  2. Is it possible to model a face with white colors instead of black colors?

I decided to use a solid black color in the background and then using white circles or stars for modelling the face.
Maybe Like pictures below (Black Background)

Thank you again for your attention.