Image sampler pattern

hello all,
I am able to project the pattern onto an entire surface and I am trying a variation, where I can project the same patter but into every sub surface ( like the reference picture).

last step would be some possible variations in some of the sub surfaces to avoid a visually rigid pattern.

ps. in image sampler component i used image pixel dimension to match the number of points in rows and columns with the number of cells inside the image.

image (55.6 KB) xxh image sampler v4.3dm (950.4 KB)


It seems the sub-surfaces you want to map the images are all trimmed surfaces. This makes it difficult to map images completely within their boundaries. It would be better to prepare untrimmed surfaces and also better to use mesh for color mapping what you want.
Anyway, I can show you a demo of basic height-field tile mapping and mesh coloring by using image sampler.

image sampler Tile (21.5 KB)

image sampler Tile (35.4 KB)

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thanks for the help HS_Kim