Convert Black&White image to Curves


Hi all,

Is there any plug-in or component or any script function can read a black & white image and turn it to boundary curves?
I know there is an image sampler but it returns values base on sample points on the image but we cannot let it then stroke the boundary between black and white…
Does anyone have an idea how to achieve it?



Control Point Curve -> Magnetic lasso
(David Rutten) #2

A very naive way to use the image sampler is to sample it at a grid, use the sampled values to modify a mesh, then slice the mesh to get the transitions. This approach is slow and tends to yield strong aliasing artefacts, but without a specific tracer algorithm it’s the only thing you can do in vanilla GH. (36.3 KB)

(Laurent Delrieu) #3

You can look at potrace there are some discussion on Grasshopper forum


Hi David,

Cool~ That’s good enough for me~
Many thanks!



Thanks laurent!!
That’s awesome, a lot ways to deal with detailed images~~:+1::+1::+1:


Got a chance to try the GH definition today~
I have to say, it is magic!!!
Thanks David and laurent and Nik~~
You guys make the world so beautiful~~~ :bow::bow::bow: