Image Remap to Pattern Problem / Crash

Hi there, can anyone let me know if I’m on the right track (see attached script) with getting images to remap as if superimposed into a hole pattern here? The effect I’m after is similar to the two screenshots attached where the pattern grows larger or smaller according to the image’s brightness values.

Every time I try to change the extent of the hex grid my computer crashes in doing this, and even then with the smaller grid, I cannot get the pattern to appear as holes, unfortunately.

I may be using weaver wrong here to map the image to the pattern, I kind of mingled together a few different scripts to try this - still getting to grips with Grasshopper and remembering my math logic! Could also be I’m on the right track but my computer is just rubbish!

Any suggestions will be very welcome!!

Thanks, Alec (98.6 KB)

Have a try with the attachment. You’ll need fennec plugin. (204.3 KB)

That works perfectly! Thank you so so much.

For anyone who gets the 'missing python message, in fennec this is the replacement node :).

Thanks again!!