Image in the Curve.3dm file not showing

We can not get the display of the pear image in this tutorial file (Rhino Level 1 Models). I applied the pear1.png texture file again, to no avail. It was also happening in Rhino 5, but it would show when we unchecked and checked again the image texture. In Rhino 6 that trick does not work.

Hi John - I see this - it looks like there was not made as a Picture in this file - you can work around it for now by making a new Picture from the image on disk and then assign the new Picture material to the plane in the file. Thanks for the report.
CurvePearPicture.3dm (606.9 KB)


I wonder what type of strange surface it is. If I make a plane, I can easily apply the pear or any other image to it, but this surface does not show any applied textures or decals.

Sorry for replying so late.

It’s a surface marked as a Picture object.

It is assigned with a Picture type material.

You can edit the texture of the Picture material in Material Editor.

That is when you create a new picture frame with the pear image on it. But the surface with invisible pear.jpg image in the Curve.3dm tutorial file is not a picture frame but just a surface.