I'm trying this for one hr and still no result :(

I’m trying to cap both sides of my surface. I used patch and when I look very close to it’s margin, the patch geometry’s margins are slightly not on the same line as my shape margin is.

Can you have a look and tell me how to achieve it?
What to select when creating cap? curves, or shape?
After creating the caps, how can i unite all surfices resulted that share same margin coordinates, into a single object?

What I’m looking to achieve: when you look from left, the cap must follow eactly the profile of the margin of the shape.

sides.3dm (238.1 KB)

Thank you very much!

You’ve posted this under the openNURBS tag, but it sounds like a Rhino modelling question. Are you looking for a programmatic solution or how to do this by hand using Rhino?

I’m looking to do it by hand… sorry, new to rhina and not very used with categories.

Why not use Sweep2 - select the curving sides as rails. Then select the straight line as cross section curve and select the point where the two curving rails meet.
Same on the other side. Then join to get closed polysurface.

sides sweep2.3dm (236.7 KB)

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Seems to me you are trying to make a ring shank. Attached is your finished shank.

I first extended the center circle to the thickness of the shank. Then I lofted the first side, joined everything moved it away from your image and then lofted the second side.

Hope this helps … All my best … Danny

sides.3dm (326.8 KB)