Ghosted Backface Surfaces Disappear


Once I try to change the backface color of a surface in any Ghosted viewport, the surfaces disappear but still exist. Are there some settings that I am overlooking?

Thank you,


Hi Alex- what is the service release of your Rhino? (Help > About Rhinoceros)


Hey Pascal,

Rhino 5 Sr12

OK- that is the latest - how about video card drivers - up to date?


I updated after I found the error, restarted, and checked again. The error is still present. Seems like I may just have to reinstall Rhino.

What Videocard do you have?

@Pascal while at it I’ve been working with pointclouds the past days and every now and them they disappear…
The pointclouds just don’t show up anymore. I need a restart of Rhino to get them visible again.
Might it be a known issue/ I;ve got a AMD Radeon HD8970M


Hi Willem - are you using TestToggleRoundPoints by any chance? This kills point cloud display here.


Yes… but it’s run at startup so it.s wierd it just kicks in at an arbitrary moment. Thanks for the pointer I’ll check on it tomorrow. (Midnight here :slight_smile:)


Indeed TestToggleRoundPoints made the ptCoulds instantly appear again.