Im looking for a form, two spiral towers that connect in the middle

hello. i appreciate anyone reading this. the form is not that complicated. the basic idea is two towers that curve in both direction and do like a half spiral rotation to meet at the top. the idea of doing it on grasshopper is that it becomes modular and we can test different variations for our studio project. if you need better sketches i can go to my studio and take more pictures of our main sketches. does anyone have a file of such a form with the ability to test with different starting base shapes (triangle/square)

dont pay attention to the top. it doesnt look anything like that (its actually an airport control tower). right now its the beginning phase of the studio project and we are just focusing on the form of the main structure. the end goal is to take the form (as shown in the pictures of the clay study model) and create a rib cage out of it

please let me know if im not being clear enough. im new to the forum. thank you!


wow. thank you. WOW!!!

I added the ‘Scale’ group, made a slight change to the MD Slider and got this:

There are inherent constraints in the way this model is written, but within those constraints, the parameters offer some intriguing possibilities. (21.4 KB)


This code is too messy to share… Shape is interesting though?

Code is still messy but this is a “Closed Brep”: (22.9 KB)