Illustrator export keeping holes?

This is something that I should know but use illustrator export so infrequently, if I did know at one time I have forgotten. And Illustrator just as infrequently.

Let’s say I create an R in Rhino with curves and export it to illustrator. It comes in fine but all the curves are outlined and I want it to be a ‘solid’ black R and not outlined. If I fill it in illustrator the ‘hole’ also fills black. How do I remove that hole in the R so that it is part of the R and not a seperate piece which fills in black?


You use the tools in pathfinder to “boolean” the shapes.
Use the draworder to set them right. The one in front gets subtracted from the one in back.

There it was right in front of my face…such a simple thing. Thanks very much.

the other option is to create hatches from your curves in Rhino prior to export - these will come into illustrator as filled shapes, holes intact.