Illustrator Export Font Size Error

I wanted to alert a bug occurring when the output scale is tiny.

It often happens when nested blocks, coming within a dwg file.

  1. Open this sample file.
    DIM_FONT_SIZE.dwg (29.4 KB)

  2. Export as illustrator with something like : preserve model scale: 69 mm = 1 mm.
    You’ll have such tiny DIM text that they will be converted to _FontMT 0.0 Tf ( _ArialMT in this case), and this is the bug.

  3. Open the drawing with illustrator (cs6 in my case). Illustrator will prompt an error.

Illustrator which minimal font size is 0.1 can’t deal with 0 size fonts.
Font sizes should not be set under 0.1.

Once converted to 0.1 , illustrator read the file without problem

bounced back ! this issue not resolved, or considered.
Hi :slight_smile:

Hi Piem - thanks for getting back… this strikes me, if I understand things, as a limitation in AI more than a bug in Rhino - not to say it is not worth finding a way to work around it, but…


Indeed this is the the way Illustrator reads illustrator files.