Rhino 6 Export to Illustrator TO SCALE

I simply am not able to export a DWG file from Rhino to Illustrator to the scale I want to export it to.

Currently the scale of my Rhino model is at 1:1.

I am aware that I can scale it down to the scale I want (1/16" = 1’-0") in Rhino itself and draw a box equivalent to the sheet size I will be using and export this to illustrator and align the box to Illustrator’s sheet boundary.

However, I am wanting to find out a simpler way to export to scale without having to scale down my 1:1 model in Rhino.

Attached is the dialogue box that any of us get when exporting to Illustrator. I’m sure the settings are correct (1/16" = 1’-0"), but when I open up the newly created Illustrator file, it is not to the scale I set it to be.

I remember having this issue before which is why I resorted to the aforementioned method of scaling in Rhino before exporting. However, for a brief period of time, I remember this method of inquiry working and being very satisfied with it. Unfortunately, it is not working on my current laptop and I’m sure it’s not an issue of the device I am using but perhaps the settings in Rhino / Illustrator?

I cannot remember if I did anything different for it to have worked previously. If anyone has any advice on how to make this work, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hello - that should work - it seems correct here - a 20 ft rectangle exported at the scale you indicate is 1.25 " in ai.