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The first release of IguanaMesh is now available.

IGUANA Mesh is an open source finite element meshing plugin for Grasshopper.
It uses Gmsh as mesh generator and stores all topological data within a half-facet data-structure in order to provide a comprehensive topological description of discrete models even for non-manifold meshes and mixed-dimensionalities.

IGUANA Mesh runs on x64 architectures and was tested with Rhino 6 64-bit.


An IGUANA Mesh doesn´t rely on the common Rhino mesh-data structure. On the contrary, it implements its own data structure to extend topological capabilities. For this reason, all mesh features and methods derived from Rhino are not compatible with an IGUANA Mesh.

Basic transformation components dealing with this type of meshes are directly implemented within the plugin.

An IGUANA Mesh can be converted into a Rhino Mesh by using the Mesh param component located in the main Parameter category. For 2D meshes with face elements not being linear quads or triangles, a triangulation is automatically triggered in order to return a valid Rhino Mesh. For 3D meshes, only the outer shell of the volume mesh is converted into a Rhino Mesh (this feature is experimental). In a similar way, a Rhino Mesh can be converted into an Iguana Mesh by using the Iguana Mesh param component located in the main Parameter category. No restrictions are imposed for this conversion.

IGUANA Mesh is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Please contact us directly for more information.

Copyright (C) 2020 by Seiichi Suzuki
Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Center for Marine and Polar Research (AWI)
Bio-inspired Lightweight Design Research Group


C. Geuzaine and J.-F. Remacle. Gmsh: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 79(11), pp. 1309-1331, 2009.

Half-Facet Data Structure
Dyedov, Vladimir; Ray, Navamita; Einstein, Daniel; Jiao, Xiangmin; Tautges, Timothy J. (2014): AHF: Array-Based Half-Facet Data Structure for Mixed-Dimensional and Non-manifold Meshes. In Proceedings of the 22nd International Meshing Roundtable 40, pp. 445–464. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-02335-9_25.


If you have problems opening some example files, try locking the solver before opening the file and increase the min and max element size of the meshing settings.

Thanks for the tools. I used GMSH for years just because it can open STEP or IGES files ! I never tried meshing, I now see that it is very powerful with many options.

Volumetric tools will surely be very useful for 3d printer enthusiast, for making soles that can’t be cleaned …


Hi, Thanks for this plug-in,
Is there any way to send IGUANA Mesh to Ansys?

There is no direct way. You can save the mesh in a .msh format and then convert the mesh data format to the fem format. Here is an example for saving the .msh file.ExportExample.gh (9.7 KB)

Hello! First off, this component is really amazing, and I’m excited to finally have a quality meshing component in Grashopper. I’m a structural engineer, and that’s a key thing that I’ve never been able to do in GH.

I’ve been playing around with your components this morning, and there’s one thing that I can’t seem to get to work. I’d like to create a point or line constraint in the mesh that the iPatchBrep component creates, so that I can make sure that the line elements in a surface are properly meshed out. However, when I create a constraint with the point or curve constraint component, and then add it to the mesh, it doesn’t appear to change the mesh at all. I’ve attached the Rhino and GH files that I am using.

Any thoughts would be very helpful!

Thank you!
Residence Mesh Test.3dm (335.7 KB)
Residence Mesh Test.gh (13.3 KB)

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Do you have any example files? I found the plug in very interesting. Thank you so much

you could upload examples here

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perfect!thank you very much!