GH23Dx - A project mockup

Hi everyone,

Just showing the results of a very short-term personal project. It tries to establish some middle ground between RH/GH and Catia 3DExperience. The basic idea is to create a plugin that lets you create native Catia geometry and organise it properly in the tree, in a way that further automation processes or instantiation can be done in an easier way. The connection that the plugin creates is a “live” connection but as a tool is not the key feature(I think that is more important what it can offer in terms of model organisation and native geometry creation). This tool tries to improve is the tedious IGS bridge-file or the excel-to-catia workflow.

I found some closed doors in the Dassault´s API that I still need to figure out how to solve. Currently trying to search for alternative ways…

If any of you has any experience with Catia, any suggestions, hints will be welcome.

A part from this I have a question related to this topic: is there any plan to include IGES I/O in Rhinocommon?

Thanks in advance.


There is an open .net library for IGES I/O, see

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Thanks! This opens some interesting roads closed in the first tries by Dassault API. I´ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Just take care when converting to and from IGES with the superfluous knots in NURBS curves’ and surfaces’ definition that are not in Rhino but in most other formats, like IGES.

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Very useful. Thanks for the hint!!!

Hi @Angel !

I just got a license from CATIA and I am positively surprised to see what you managed to do.
I wonder, can you actually generate a custom hierarchy of elements within Catia’s tree from gh, so you can define associative relationship between them beforehand?
Anyway, how did you manage to access the developers documentation? Even if I have a license + account, I can’t access the links from here:
It says that I don’t have permission… Also, would you share your components at some point? Any hint would be very appreciated.


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Hi @PaulPoinet,

  1. Yes, I can generate an retrieve elements from the tree, and even create new features linked to those. Some elements as AxisSystem are a little bit complicated to manage because the lack of proper support in the API to deal with them (even using EKL you cannot play with them properly).

  2. You need to ask in your company or university. You need to request access to those documents. Anyway, there is a condensed version of the API documentation in the installation folder in *.chm format.

  3. As the components are been developed as a research study at AR-MA, it’s not my call to decide to release them or not. We had always in mind the idea of create a set of tools for public usage, but I don’t know when that could happen and which tools could be included in that package.

Just sent me a message if you want to ask anything else I will be happy to help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Angel,

  1. Thanks a lot for the tip, I found the .chm file, great resource to start with…

  2. Yes I did sent a message to my university but they did not reply yet :confused: .chm will do the job until then!

  3. Totally understand! Let me know if you will release anything in the future.

Will definitely come back to you if I get stuck somewhere,

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