Pre-Release of IG-Mesh + Feedback collection

Have you ever encountered the moment when you want to process a model in your design/fabrication pipeline in grasshopper and realised that “Oh, I got a MESH…”

Mesh processing in GH has been a long-term pain and shut the door for many designers/architects to integrate various mesh models into their design/fabrication pipelines.

For this reason, please allow me to introduce the pre-release of IG-Mesh , a GH plugin that features both low-level and advanced mesh processing algorithms from the computer graphics community.

The plugin currently supports the following features:

  • Mesh IO from disk : directly load/read mesh from/to your disk (no need to bake);
  • Vertex/Face based operation : vert/face/edge/corner normal, vertex/related adjacency, open-border extraction;
  • Mapping : vertexßàface data mapping, face-based mesh coloring;
  • Measure : winding number, signed distance, geodesic distance;
  • Various utilities : Isoline extraction, random/homogeneous point sampling, quad-mesh planarization.

And more to come from your request!

Just submit an issue on GitHub or email me about what’s your problem and what kind of tools you need, and we can take a look at the problem together.

Installation is EASY:

Just use the PackageManager from Rhino 7 (Only Rhino7 is supported) :

  • Open “PackageManager” à Search “IG-Mesh” à Install

And contribution is needed!

Just use it, and submit bug reports or feature requests! At this early stage, there must be bugs I haven’t detected and any type of help is welcomed.

Of course, you’re also more than welcome to contribute to this open-source project!

More information is available on the project’s GitHub page.