How to export Rhino layers into Maya? Any help?

Hi all,

Is it possible export Rhino layers info into Maya? Thanks!


Should be possible via IGES - no?


Hi Mitch,
Yeah. I did a little research on this but no luck…

Maya reads IGES file as an error file. (I gave up ) I tried OBJ format later on and It did export layers but not the way I want to see. It exports as meshes and I need to reorganize layers in Maya. It’s such a pain doing texture work in Maya this way. So what is causing that red error message in Maya? Can you see what steps I missed? Thanks



Did you ever find out how to import it into maya? I have the same question. Please help me out if you figured it out!

No, sorry…
I guess those who have good knowledge in scripting can do this…

Strange it works fine on me? which Maya version do u use? the best way to send Rhino file to maya is via Iges. to retain the NURBS.

it transfers Layer attributes, as well as Shading group. if your intent is to texture in Maya then there is no need to actually bother about the layer. We use Layer in Maya for display purposes only.

since you get the shading group from Rhino, you can texture them by selecting Object via ‘OutLiner’ and ‘HyperShade’

note that u need to use a little MELscript to fix the Layer Name in Maya. and delete some useless junk in Outliner (empty sets) and also, Maya imports Rhino World coordinate as one transform node called “world1” better delete it too.

4 NURBS Solid in Rhino, assigned to 4 different layer.

Export via Iges and Import in Maya. On the outliner, delete the useless node to keep everything organized

Open HyperShade and Start to Texture from Shading Group

any question feel free to ask.


*I just realized the post is from 2 years ago, so probably a little bit too late to reply this :neutral_face:

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Maya didn’t read nurbs object that time. I did try IGES export from Rhinoceros…

What is your email address? I can share you model link, would be great if you can try.

And, do you know a way to match Rhino camera view to maya?


I have never tried to import Rhino Cam to Maya. but theoretically, you can copy and paste Rhino (Cam,Target xyz position + lens length value) to Maya Camera Attributes. and u ll get the same result.

other option =
this guy seems to have written a GH def. to automate the whole process =

I’ll send u a PM