IFC4 VisualARQ

Will IFC4 export be available in the next version of VisualARQ (Visualarq 3) ?

Yes, it will.


Thank you ! Great !

Hi Guys,

is there any release date for VA 3? IFC 4 would be essential =)


Hi @user28,

We don’t have a release date yet, but we will let you know once we have a WIP version.

Ah, c’mon… a little hint? This year? Next month?
I know, I know… I hate it too, when people ask me how long something will take. But I have to say something.

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Yes. It’s time to say something. Is AUSNI really working on VA 3?
ASUNI should say at least release year.

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We plan to release VisualARQ 3 next year. We have got some of the new features quite advanced in an internal WIP version, other features that are in progress, and another group of features that we need to determine whether they will be finally included in version 3 or will be postponed in future versions (if they may delay the release of VA 3).

Ok, thanks for being open!

I personally hope all planned features regarding better Layouting/Documentation will find their way into VA3 - DWG export from Layout space, better tables, section/plan views directly on Layouts… this kind of things.
Thanks again!