Ifc 4 in rhino 6

I tried to save a test model in ifc 4 with rhino 6 sr. 31 and VA, but I received a message “Unable to export Ifc file. There are no Ifc compatible plug-ins currently loaded”. What is it the problem?
Thank you

Hi @fn_a,

IFC 4 is a planned feature for VisualARQ 3. We’re currently working on it, and, by mistake, we published VisualARQ 2.10 with the “IFC 4” file format option in the import/export dialog, but this format is not working on VisualARQ 2 yet.

VisualARQ 2.11 will remove this format from the list, and it will be fully functional in VisualARQ 3.

Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you @enric,
I’m looking forward to try VA 3! So when will v.3 be released?

Hi @fn_a,

We don’t know yet. We’ll probably publish a WIP very soon (in a couple of months), and the final version won’t be ready sooner than 2022.


Hi, i have the same issue with Rhino 7 add 6 too with VA 2.11. Where is problem?

Hi @Chita,

Did you install the last VisualARQ release? Ifc4 is not available in this release, so it shouldn’t be on the list.

My built is from 2021/09/16 - last i become from website.
“IFC export option” command is in roll offer from context menu too

Hello @Chita,

“IFC export option” command is available with IFC 2x3 but not for IFC 4.

Yes, but IFC 2x3 not working too

Hi @Chita,

What happens when you try to export/import to IFC? Do you get any error? Please, could you send screenshots/video/gif to check it?

Today i trying repeat this issue with alert window but now is ewerything ok…i don’t understand.
Before i get this alert:
“Unable to export Ifc file. There are no Ifc compatible plug-ins currently loaded”

Hi @Chita,

Maybe you had VisualARQ or the Ifc plug-ins disabled or unloaded.

Hi Alfonso, Dusan and everyone
I have a trial version for now, specifically I was willing to try the IFC export function.
Checkboxes for export and import plugin are on, but I have the exact same message as Dusan.

Rhino version is 7, last available build (SR35).

Additionally, I have an error box message after the “Unable to export Ifc file. There are no Ifc compatible plug-ins currently loaded”.
The error box says :" failed to save xx\xx.ifc. The file writing plugin failed."
Thanks for the help!

Hi @saint.guillain,

Please, make sure you have the Tibidabo and VisualARQ loaded in Rhino as well. Are the other VisualARQ commands working?

You can check it here:

Thanks for the quick reply Alfonso
All the checked boxes are on, but it seems the plugins don’t load automatically at rhino start.
The solution I have met is to select all recommanded plugins, right click and then click “load”.
Visual arq starts and export works.

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