Extremely Large IFC File

Hi there,
My company is evaluating VisualArq as a conduit between Rhino and Revit. We model a TON of steel steel tube structures (in excess of 200,000 components).
I exported a sample file which originally was around 500mb, when exported to IFC is was 2.2gb. When our test was opened in Revit is crashed. Not good.
1.What info or intelligence is retained in the IFC export?
2. Why did the export quadruple in size?
3. How do we avoid this?



Hi @DanSummers,

You need to take into account that IFC is a text-based file format, while 3DM is a binary file format. Text-based file formats are usually much larger because numbers need to be converted to text.

If Revit crashes when you try to open a big IFC file, you should contact Autodesk, as it seems this is a bug in Revit.

You can try to use the ifcZIP file format, which is just the IFC zipped, but I don’t think it will fix the crash, as Revit will just unzip the ifcZIP file, and then it will open the IFC inside.



Hi Dan, you can maybe mesh the steel, join it and export that to an IFC to make sure you are only sending away the simplest, dumbest model possible. That would leave out all IFC data though, but if it works maybe that could be something VisualArq could make a tool for. They have an option for import geometry only, so maybe an export geometry only (and even as mesh) could be made in the future?

That option is already available in VisualARQ (since version 2.11). You can check it out with the IfcExportOptionsDialog command.