Identify the current

I keep wishing to know which Cplane I am using, where is the readout of this (displaying the name I have given it) ?



Unfortunately, this only works in reverse. If you have named CPlanes, in the Named CPlane panel, when you click on a name, it will show an arrow triplet in all viewports indicating where that CPlane is.

I agree this could be better, we could really use a name indication of which CPlane is set in the active viewport at all times.



Hi Steve, you can display the custom Cplane Name in the status bar:

Hi Jess, yeah, I looked at that, but that only works if it the plane has been named, for example none of the principal planes show up in the orthographic viewports… And in my experience, it’s not working well, if you name a plane in a view for example, and then you change the elevation with CPlane Elevation, the status bar still reports the named plane as being active. Kind of the same type of problem we have with named views. Which is why I didn’t recommend it…


Hi Mitch,

I agree with your points. So I think these should be tracked as bugs:

  1. If the Cplane has been altered in any way it should say: undefined
  2. The status-bar should also show the standard cplanes’ names (Maybe the standard Cplanes should be in the Named Cplane panel as a default?)

But besides these bugs the solution to show the cplane name in the status-bar is fine for me. I prefer this over some kind of text in the viewport itself.

Well, I could imagine the following:

  1. That the current CPlane is shown next to the leftmost pane of the status bar - the one that says “World” or CPlane" coordinates. (“Unnamed” if it is neither a named plane or a principal plane))

  2. The active CPlane name in a given viewport is displayed just below the view name in the Properties panel. You would of course only see this if the Properties panel is open and no object is selected.

  3. Both of the above…


I have selected that option now for status bar, along with existing one of current object layer, good that they alternate in display.

However it says Cplane:none yet I am using a custom cplane named.