Determining Current Cplane

Hello, I have a number user defined cplanes. For a given viewport is there a way to know which one is in use ( named cplane ) other than having to set the cplane to other ones to find out? I know one might think I should be able to remember which one I set up initially, but if I am working back and forth between viewports that have different cplanes set up and if all those cplanes are close in their orientation and position, the workflow would go quicker if I could somehow know which one is currently in use by a quick glance or something

Hmm - there’s no good way, in fact, that I can think of - it’s a good point to make, there should be a way. A workaround is to select the planes in the Named Cplanes panel and see where the little icon shows up in the viewport - there will be a small xyz icon drawn in the viewports at the origin of selected planes.


Ok thanks Pascal…I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something somewhere.

But that’s a good tip…which makes me think I could also probably laydown some identifying geometry that is unique to each cplane to serve in distinguishing between them…if the icons part doesn’t help.

Hi BabaJ - just chatted with the developer a bit about this - it’s actually more difficult than you might suppose, because of the way planes are handled in the Rhino database.


A quick visual could be to start the cirle command with zero as the centre, then cancel when you see where the current CPlane is set.

Thanks Guys…yeah Brian thats a good idea