Ida, Monument Valley

Made 8 years ago… Rhino+Vray.
No post-process, raw render output.

(that game is marvelous btw…)


Yes. I’m addicted on Both Android and Steam

I love it too.

Super beautiful render.

nice work

i hope you dont mind… i got inspired, first i just wanted to recreate the beautiful lighting but then i was wondering how you actually created the triangular illusion, using the standard isometric from rhino i assume i might not get there, did you tweak the camera additionally?

here my best shot (rhino renderview), not giving up just yet but another day maybe.

ps: does the game contain such (playble) illusions or is that something you came up with?


… i used that, parallel viewport with a camera angle that make a cube seems a perfect hexagon, so yes, isometric.
To achieve this, and to have the proper lightning bounces and shading, in the .3dm there are like 3 princess Ida, and the rounded cubes are probably trice the amount you actually see.
There are no double-sided materials.

That is the “Penrose triangle” , almost a century old.

The game itself is excellent, you 3d rotate the game map/environment, but once the rotation stops, the illusion are real, Ida is able to walk through the illusion… difficult to explain with texts…


I couldn’t agree more, one of the best, if not the best game I played on my phone… Super addictive and a visual pleasure.


Agree, the game is beautiful

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