Icon observations

I’m in the middle of drawing some icons for a new Rhino V8 toolbar.

For a better understanding I want to learn from the Rhino icons.
I want to understand why some icons render good, and some not so good.
And what the best approach is.


In this example the quality is not optimal even at the native 48px (view the screenshots at 100%).
In Rhino itself I see exactly the same.

The big picture reveals the reason.
As a test I aligned the several pieces to the grid using InkScape.

I think the quality improved for all sizes:

Some not perfectly grid aligned icons:

Some precise ones:

Means for my own icons that I should draw perfectly grid aligned icons.
The chances for a good rendering are better.

This also means the Rhino icons can be better with no major effort.
A large amount but not really difficult work.

Thanks for finding this I logged it here.I’ll take a look.
Many of the svg files where automatically converted from PDF’s and I’ve already fixed many that had problems, but looks like I missed a few. If you find any other, just let me know and I’ll get them manually fixed.

Can you please tell me which software did you use to get this preview?

I use inkscape, but i can find a way to see all sizes preview…

I made this viewer myself for checking my icons.

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RH-78678 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 4 Release Candidate

The Cancel button looks a bit fuzzy.
I played a bit with it, this is what I got (to be seen at 100%):

Cancel.zip (934 Bytes)

I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll look into it once I get to the Main 1 Toolbar. Thanks for pointing it out!

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