iCloud integration?

any plans on iCloud via the open and save dialogs?

i’ve been doing my spreadsheets this way (numbers.app) and it’s working out pretty well… with rhino, i use dropbox to keep working files in sync between different computers which is fine… i guess i’m just curious if this could be done with iCloud.

(similarly, the ipad viewer could(should) get icloud integration if rhinoceros.app gets it)

this isn’t a request per se… i’m just curious about it is all.

[or maybe this is already possible to do and i just haven’t figured out how to do it yet?]

Sorry, iCloud integration is not going to happen. Only applications that are sold through the Mac App Store are allowed to use iCloud storage. That’s Apple’s rule.

Other Apple rules:

  • Applications in the Mac App Store have a single price. No educational discount price and no upgrade discount price is allowed. If you have an older version and you want to buy the next version, Apple says you have to pay full price. Again.
  • No lab licenses where a school lab can buy and share a set of licenses in a lab.
  • No Zoo licenses where a group of licenses is shared within an organization.
  • No trial download version. You can test the software after you have paid full price.

Apple’s App Store rules don’t fit our current business model very well, so that means we don’t get to use iCloud.

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dropbox it is then :wink:

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I’m guessing this is no longer an issue now? With the current iCloud drive setup you should be able to save to the cloud (and open again) directly from the Rhino dialogue boxes.

Now if iRhino was updated to allow opening from iCloud, I’d be :smile:.