I want to move each point in different directions

Hi there, I want to make a “star” shape. In that case I was wondering how to move the mid-points of each lines in different directions.

assign4.gh (9.5 KB)


here is one of many ways…

assign4_RE.gh (12.1 KB)

Yeah, you asked for inerpolated curve…Use Interpolate Curve instead.

…or like this with more consistent tangencies

assign4_RE_2.gh (18.6 KB)

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The blue groups highlight some parametric options that are well worth exploring. :sunglasses:

assign4_2019Nov16a.gh (34.3 KB)

Thank you so so much for all of your replys :heart_eyes:

Like towers, this is a project that many beginners could find useful as a GH learning exercise.

The number of parameters in my previous post is a bit absurd, of course, but let’s throw in a few more, just for fun. Manually created points as you supplied is actually a new wrinkle; you can also start with a regular polygon:

assign4_2019Nov17a.gh (39.0 KB)

To handle your manually created points, I used Plane Fit and Sort Along Curve, which has a curious side effect. It’s perfectly happy with “3D” points that are not in the same plane. The “Random” Box can be dimensioned as a 3D space or as a flat surface on the XY, XZ or YZ plane.

Useful? Maybe not. Good practice though.


Thanks for ur suggestions :heart_eyes: