Move Points in Normal Direction of Curve

Hello, I want to move the green points in the normal direction of the curve for a defined length.

The upper one is the better solution, but I want to move my defined green points an not all points on the curve. is there any way?

Plug your points and curve into the curve closest point component. You can then use the required planes at those parameters of the curve to get your offset for those specific points

Difficult to understand :confused: for me as a newbie, maybe you can show me?

If you post your script, I can show you :slight_smile:

You don’t have to post your entire script if you don’t want to. You can just internalize the data and post only the relevant part


You can try this…

But you should know the index of the point you want to move.

How you choose the green points? use their index with the solution

Wald.3dm (2.7 MB) (16.4 KB)
this are the datas and that’s what I want to create:
A path with a curve which stands out at points with distance over 4 meters.

hi @lauratraum12,

Excuse the impertinence!

Both @anon39580149 and/or @technostark would have solved this unquestionably if you had provided this image from the start!

Direction must be ‘decided’ in your case.

Looks like you were about to be shown a similar approach with point projection via @technostark

I trust you’ll infer that the distances “above 4 normal to the curve” weren’t necessarily the ones you were thinking when/if you decide the ‘normal’ direction, projecting from interior to exterior:

I leave you some options here: (22.9 KB)


Like this? (23.0 KB)

But after seeing @René_Corella 's answer, I think you were looking for offset from centre and not perpendicular to curve as I’ve shown above. In which case, you can use the toggle created:

For future reference, it is easier for people to solve your problem if you post a geometry file in the first post itself. Secondly, you can internalize the geometry data in grasshopper (just right click the component where you reference the geometry and click internalize data), that way you don’t need a heavy 3dm file. Also less hassle than downloading 2 files :slight_smile:

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You can use an adjustable graph mapper:

image (23.8 KB)

why don’t show how it ‘didn’t work’ to @technostark ? With an image?


several methods I imagine!

Not much time for guessing, consider that whoever is trying to help you has no knowledge of the changes in your design thoughts :slight_smile:

For example,

this sketch:

is different from this:

Just pay close attention to the green curves you have drawn - both look smooth, yet their shapes vary *plus the input curves were also different ones…

check this file, the ‘fancy’ section with point charges I had left you served as additional workflow for now:

the smooth transitions you desire, depend more on their parent curve if you think about it - so a workaround will end up being necessary here and there to make adjustments, especially when we don’t know which curves you’re actually or eventually using.

Thus, you’ll have to deal with subtle-to-pronounced discrepancies between parent curve and new smooth curve, based on point resolution and smoothing strength/steps:

Best, (45.3 KB)