I want to know the size of the space/cplane where my 3d model is set (in cubicmm)! Any ideas?

Hey everyone,
I have 3d scanned a piece of cloth that I printed on and I am rendering images from that model for a book project. Therefor it would be very helpful to know what are the actual dimensions of the space that my piece of cloth is seen. I measured already the length of the x-, y- and z-coordinates, is that basically all I need to do? Cause I am not interested in the volume of the object, just the space of where it is actually located.

Thanks a lot!

Hello - use the BoundingBox command with Output=None, and you’ll see the overall xyz dimensions printed at the command line - is that what you need?


I am using Rhino in german and translated the command but I dont have such option. I figured though that the length of x-, y- and z- multiplied should give me the cubic?!


If you do need the volume of the bounding box, have it create a solid instead of nothing, then use the Volume command on the result to measure the volume. If you start the Volume command before you select the bounding box, you can set the units output as well. Just delete or undo the bounding box after if you don’t need it.