I want the wave to be different for each layer

I want to create a wave like the one in the photo above and have the wave change shape depending on the z value, but I can’t seem to solve the problem of the z-axis being connected to each other. I’m attaching the file and photo. If you know of a solution for this phenomenon, please help me.


Maybe clarify this?

I’ve baked it, and it looks like this.

ok…and that bake is what you want?

*or this?

No I want to have a different wave shape on the surface that is generated for each z-axis.

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I sense the description and images shown are evolving with this conversation :stuck_out_tongue: so I’ll just point out the possibility of ‘tweening’ curves to then get surfaces:

*Furthermore: I guess you don’t necessarily have to generate the surface from points at all and simply form curves from the points then end up lofting - I simply used what you had


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That’s exactly what I’m thinking!
Thank you!

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