I need to help in grass

I’m just starting to study Grasshopper and I need to develop a mesh that looks quite like the ones in the attached photo. But I have no idea how. They told me about paneling tool, etc …Can someone help me

Visit “here” and
GH file download link fr “Download OI LookAlike”.


Hi Kim!! Tks a lot! U rock

the first 2 examples could still be solved using paneling tool, or simpler even with FlowAlongSrf since they have a repetitive grid which seems only warped at the curvature which would happen naturally with flow or you tweak it in the input surface or objects.

here are some beginner tutorials suggested for paneling tools. and here a tutorial where the pattern sinks into the surface with paneling tools.

the 3rd image needs a very dynamic iterative solution which can only be done with grasshopper. but if you have a pattern which was generated somewhere else you can input this and use FlowAlongSrf again. this of course only works if you have one continuous surface.

last idea, for a quick and “dirty” job (depending on how you process it it can become pretty nice) you can also create a hightfield and flow this surface over another surface or you use ApplyDisplacement.

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Highly recommend this book


Hi, HS_Kim

Is it possible to modify your rectangle vb script to triangles? I’m working on these simple curve attractor panels. I would like to add some visual interest by warping the grid. I’m a complete grasshopper novice.

I really appreciate all your help.

If what you’ve just said is the VB component from download link in my previous post above, that’s not mine.
You should ask to the developer of that component or try to search other topics related to “triangular grid”, "Curve Attractor"in this discourse or old GH forum.