How to make hexagonal + attractor point morphing?

Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to grasshopper and i have been making various attempts in making the morphing shown in the pictures and tried various algorithms i took reference from online. However, i have not come to success in to making something similar to this by any chance. I have very basic knowledge of grasshopper terminology and understanding.

Many Thanks, Nahel

Hi @naheldarwish,
You can use PanelingTools to do it via Rhino, or Grasshopper. It won’t take more than 5 mins.
You can download it from

Hello @Elshar,

Thanks for your quick response, i really appreciate it!

I had a look at PanelingTools, do you have any idea of where to look to get such results? I feel Braindead, excuse my lack of knowledge.

Thanks, Nahel

It’s okay, we’re all learners!
You can start by watching this, it will give you a basic idea of how it works, and from there you can fly up! :slight_smile:
And this within Grasshopper , you could watch the whole tutorial series from there!

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